Manage your Twitter lists

Twitlistmanager offers a comprehensive way to manage your Twitter lists. “Even a child can do the laundry” as we say in Dutch, which means it's very easy.

Twitlistmanager fetches the people you follow, as well as any lists you've already created, and puts everything on a single page. You can create new lists if you want to, and simply check boxes to add or remove people to your lists. When you're done, click “Save Changes”. It's that simple!


Your privacy

When it comes to privacy, Twitlistmanager keeps it simple. Twitlistmanager doesn't store any data. Your login information is used to log in directly at Twitter, and manage your lists. No fine print, no spam.

Ok, what does it cost?

Twitlistmanager is free! It's just a little something to make my life easier, I hope you like it as well. It does cost me money to maintain so if you like Twitlistmanager, consider using Paypal to make a donation.

By all means, please share!

If you like Twitlistmanager, spread the word! Put it on Facebook, Tweet about it or open up a window and shout it out, Eddie Murphy style.